Saturday, August 11, 2012


I'm having such a hard time finding colored jeans that fit. It's so frustrating! Some look like jeggings, (not so great) some fit perfectly except they're too short, and some are just way to big. Why can't I find skinny, red jeans that fit perfectly, are super comfortable, and aren't jeggings? We've looked at Target, Ann Taylor Loft, Old Navy, and Maurices. We just need to look at JCPenny's, and Kohls. Why is it so hard to find one pair of jeans!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Girl's Camp 2012

Good news, I got back from Girl's Camp yesterday! I'm so excited because I get to use a shower, a real toilet, and a real bed! I was really sad to leave all my friends, but I was honestly more excited to get home. The first day was Tuesday. We got there at about 9:45 and was able to get our campsite set up and everything organized. Then we had a morning devotional, which is just like a morning meeting before the day starts. Then we went a a 5 mile hike at 12. Yes I did say a 5 mile hike. Usually we do our hike on Wednesday or Thursday, but we had to do it when we got there. It was really hard, and really tiring. We got back just in time for dinner which started at about 5:45. That night it was really windy and I couldn't sleep at all. Neither could anyone else apparently. The next day we did our first activity. Canoeing and kaiaking in a lake. The water was freezing, but I still got in anyway. So we got back before lunch started and after lunch it started raining. I was so thankful, because I did not want to go on the ropes course that was our next planned activity. We got to stay in a little one roomed building. It was really fun because I got to play games with all my friends, and we had a blast. Then shooting and water stuff opened up and Second years had to go to shooting. I was really scared because I had never shot a gun before, but now I can say that I know how to shoot a 22 riffle. After I tried it the first time, I loved it. We got back for dinner, went to the evening devotional, had our 100 year anniversary of Girl's Camp ice cream party, and did Singing Trees. Thursday, we did rock climbing first. It was really scary, because it was a real rock wall. I had never done rock climbing before so it was all very new to me. For a person who is afraid of heights, and is doing it for the first time, do it indoors first. I had to get back early so I could set up for lunch, so I was glad for that. After lunch, we went down to the shooting range again, and we got to do many rounds of shooting. It was incredibly fun, especially fun since I wasn't scared anymore. We stayed there for a good 3 hours and walked back. My friend Brooke and I stayed back at camp when the other Second Years went to do the ropes course for their free time. We walked around got some food from our stash, and just hung out. We were talking with our Camp leader, Carlene when a chipmunk climbed onto my lap. My instant reaction to anything critter-like is to hit it off of me. So when the chipmunk climbed onto me, I smacked it off, and I'm pretty sure it went flying. He did not come back. At dinner, the Second years got back late so I was glad I didn't go with them. We had testimony meeting after the evening devotional and went to bed. Friday, we packed up and went home. Overall, I had a great time. Even though everything was extremely far apart, I had fun with my friends, and experienced cool things. So until next year, I'll always remember this High Adventure Girl's Camp.