Sunday, September 11, 2011

How Did I Go From Little Girl to Young Women?

I was recently looking at random pics of me last summer. I looked like such a little girl then. Even though I was only 11. Imagine me, short hair, two canine teeth missing and no bangs. Funny, right? That makes me realize that I look so much more mature. I like checking my family's blogs, to see what they are thinking. About 2 weeks ago, I was checking my mom's. There was my seventh grade picture, Mom said,"How did she skip that gawky seventh grade stage?" Wow, it's amazing how we take for granted the little years of our lives.

Lucky, or Unlucky 13?

My highlight of the month so far is that I am now a teenager! I turned 13 on the 4th of September, i am happy. I got my number one gift, a kindle.

In my opinion,  a kindle is much better than a nook. For one, it does not ruin your eyes. It has no back light in the screen, so it looks like a real book page. I can surf the web, read as many books as I like, shop on the actual kindle without going to the store, and can play games.

Oh yeah, gifts. I also got some really cute clothes, a $25 gift card to TJ Max, $25 cash, a willow tree angel, the angel of courage, and a stick-on-to-the-wall chandelier. I ahd a great birthday, even though it was on a fast Sunday. Oh don't forget the "lucky charms" cereal!