Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lucky, or Unlucky 13?

My highlight of the month so far is that I am now a teenager! I turned 13 on the 4th of September, i am happy. I got my number one gift, a kindle.

In my opinion,  a kindle is much better than a nook. For one, it does not ruin your eyes. It has no back light in the screen, so it looks like a real book page. I can surf the web, read as many books as I like, shop on the actual kindle without going to the store, and can play games.

Oh yeah, gifts. I also got some really cute clothes, a $25 gift card to TJ Max, $25 cash, a willow tree angel, the angel of courage, and a stick-on-to-the-wall chandelier. I ahd a great birthday, even though it was on a fast Sunday. Oh don't forget the "lucky charms" cereal!

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