Friday, October 7, 2011

School Acomplishments

School has been pretty good as a thirteen year old. I really like my language arts teacher and the actual class itself. I used to like math better, and actually hated language arts. Now I love language arts, I love to read, write, and be creative. I also really like social studies. My teacher is really nice, and it's really fun to learn about ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient China, and Rome. I really excited to learn even more! I think choir is my favorite though, because it's where I shine. I have a really good friends in choir, Mrs. Mendez lets us talk, and i just love it. I even have a solo in the concert on Tuesday. Really nervous/excited/anxious. Math is not my favorite at all. I feel like I'm not that good, but at least my average is a B+. Computers is super fun. Not to brag or anything, but I'm the fastest in my class. I'm in the 50's now, my highest, is 51wmp. I think Life Science is quite boring. All we do is sit down and read notes that we have to copy. The thing is, I sit in the back of the classroom, so sometimes, I have a hard time reading what is on the board. Access is a good class. The only thing that bugs me is that this boy who sits next to me always tries to talk to his friend across me. It's really annoying. Well that is my overview of school for now. I feel like I am shining in my own subjects.

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